Enhanced Camera UX

We have updated our prepackaged camera controller with a new UI/UX. There are changes to the graphics, the messaging, the animations, and some added features. To test it out try this:

- (IBAction)btnTouched:(id)sender {
  BRScanOptions *scanOptions = [BRScanOptions new];

  [[BRScanManager sharedManager] startStaticCameraFromController:self

Data Chips

The enhanced UX supports 3 “chips” which indicate to the user whether the date, total, or merchant has been successfully detected in the receipt. By default, all these chips are disabled. You can enable them by setting their respective properties in the BRScanOptions object:


Certain methods for detecting merchant are only performed at the end of the scan session so it will occasionally occur that the merchant chip is not filled in, but when the user ends the scan session, a merchant will then be detected and returned in the BRScanResults object